About Us

Bolff Healthcare Services’ values underpin the purpose of our service. We are driven by compliance to regulation and delivery of outstanding service with you or your loved one at the centre of our work.


Aderonke Olaode

Registered Manager

Bsc Physical and Health Education.
Diploma level 4 Advanced Health & Social Care.
Diploma level 5 Health &Social Care in Leadership & Management.

“My commitment is to ensure that my team delivers all your care and support needs, and are highly motivated to go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure you or your loved one get outstanding care and support.”

Aderonke Olaode

Our values
Holistic approach

We take a comprehensive outlook on the care we provide you. We ensure that your care package covers your overall healthcare needs and preferences. We work with other healthcare professionals to ensure we maximise your independence.

Value Feedback

We ensure that you get the best care service by constantly examining our operations and making sure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and values. We are open to feedback that comes from you, your family, and your friends.

Bespoke care plans

We thoroughly assess your needs and preferences. This is done to ensure that our care plans meet your needs. We continue to reassess your needs and if there are any changes to your care requirements, we will gladly adjust your care plan.


We take pride in our skill and knowledge to be able to care for and support you. Bolff Healthcare Services staff is highly trained and is continuously improving their skills by further training in the health and social care sector.


Bolff Healthcare Services aims to build relations between yourself and us based on trust. Caring for your needs is such a delicate and private responsibility and we do it with dignity. We strongly believe in reliability and truth.


We put ourselves in your shoes. We make it a priority to understand what you or your loved one are experiencing and give you the care that you deserve and need.