Young People Service

Specialist Homecare and Supported Living Providers

Bolff Health Care Sevices

At Bolff Healthcare Services, we strongly believe that you should be able to choose how you wish to be cared for and supported, allowing you to live your life as fully and independently as possible.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, therefore our person-centered care ranges from a few hours of weekly assistance with daily duties to 24-hour care. Our tailored approach to caring is based on the requirements of the individuals we serve.

Types of Services Offered

Care is delivered in collaboration with you, carers, and your family, taking into account your various requirements, preferences, and choices. It is the usual procedure for a member of our management team to visit each service user before the start of the service to better understand the specific scenario and then deliver the most appropriate package


Our staff emphasises the value of education in leading healthy adult lives. If you are not in full-time education, we work closely with our education advisor to gather necessary information and find the appropriate educational placement, as well as to agree on a transition back if you haven't been attending. Our team believes in the importance of education and the activities that go along with it, such as developing a routine, being organized and punctual, and understanding behavior expectations. Personal Education Plans and knowledge from previous placements.

Maintaining Relationships

We urge your parents, other family members, legal guardians, and significant others to participate in all aspects of the your general welfare, as appropriate. Following agreed-upon Placement Care Plans and Pathway Plans, we actively facilitate these encounters. If appropriate, parents and significant others are encouraged to visit the you following agreed-upon Care and Placement Plans.

Eating Healthily and Safely

Our staff encourages you or your loved one in making plans to prepare more nutritious meals using recipe books and in accordance with your support plan. We assist you in menu planning, ensuring that meals are based on general healthy eating and that you eat regularly. The staff makes sure that you eat enough and stay hydrated at all times.

Health and Wellbeing

We place a high value on you or your loved one's health and well-being, and staff plays an active part in supporting this. You or your loved one will be registered with a local practice and encouraged to visit the optician and dentist on a regular basis.

Support with Employment

Pathway Plans are informed by career planning tools. Sessions on employability skills help you or your loved one understand what is expected of you or them at work. Work experience and shadowing - Once you are ready to try out the working world, our team works with you to figure out how you can learn more about the jobs you are interested in.